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Big Battery E Cig Models                                                                            

The E cig batteries get bigger and bigger every month or so. E-Smokers want more Vape time between battery charges.
Here are a few of the better big battery models out there.
The eGo Kit In A Case
This is a really slick set up, you get two 650mAh batteries, 2 Atomziers, Cartridges, Bottle of E juice, Atomizer Cone Sleeve and A Super nice Case to hold the
complete kit. Great Vapor and a great throat hit

The 510 Night Train E Cig Kit - This kit comes with 2 650mah batteries and two atomizers. You'll be able to go a good portion of the day without a charge and get more vapor.

The Hannibal 750 ManEater - This kit comes with 2 750mAh batteries and two atomizers. You'll get a little more battery charge time and a little more vapor with this great e cig.
The Electric Mustang 1150 E cig Supreme Kit - This big battery mod is big and you'll get a good day and night out of these batteries, and the Vapor production is Just Awesome.
The Mustang 1150 comes with two 1150mah batteries 2 atomizers 2 cone sleeves, E juice, a roomy carrying case and more  this is a very sweet kit and loaded with lots of goodies.

The EgoTist 1300 Tank Model - This Big Bad Boy is The Biggest of Them All. With 1300mAh Batteries you could get a couple days of Vaping pleasure. The EgoTist Elite Kit comes loaded with everything you'll need.

The LEO Royal Pass Through Personal Vaporizer Kit
- A solid and beautiful e cig that will give the user a huge amount of flavor and vapor. Also available for the LEO E cig are
Cartomizers that will hold 4ml of E juice....WoW!!! That's Huge. The Leo Cartomizers are very long lasting also.

Accessories To Enhance Your E Cig Vaping Experience

Dual Coil Cartomizers  - The Dual Coil Cartomizers will give the user a super throat hit and may be used on both 3.7v and 6v E cig models. The XXL Dual Coil Cartomizers will hold nearly 3ml of e liquid and far outlast other cartomizers. Available in Clear or Full Metal Jacket. you can add a drip tip to the mouthpiece for ease in filling.

Cartomizers - Available in an array of flavors as well as blanks to fill with your own favorite flavor e juice. The Cartomizer is an Atomizer and Cartridge all in one convenient screw on and go unit. Cartomizers also come in a selection of ohms from 2.0 - 3.9. The lower the ohms the bigger and warmer is the Vapor the user will get, but do keep in mind that the lower ohm cartomizers will have a shorter life span and will be a bit harder on your battery life as well, but the vapor and the throat hit you get from the lower ohm cartomizer is amazing. The lower ohms will also use e juice/e liquid a bit more quickly.

- This is one awesome accessory for any 510 big battery model. The ohms on the Giantomizer are normally in the 2.7ohm range so you will get longer life and a wonderful true
flavor from your e juice. The Giantomizer is exactly as it's name states...A Giant, it will hold 3.7ml of e-juice and it has a nice little window in the casing to see what your E juice level is.
This is probably the most favorite accessory any big battery ecig user will ever have.